Two Horny MILFs hook up after shopping.

August 28th, 2014

Two Horny MILFs hook up after shopping.

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Denise and her girlfriend were out shopping at the mall for several hours. They got home and tried on some of their new clothes. Denise saw her girlfriend nearly nude as she changed and wanted to taste her pussy so she walked over and started kissing her. Her girlfriend was just as horny so she kissed back and the girls got down to business. It wasn’t long before they were both fully nude and licking each others tits. Denise got out her favorite toy. The two horny MILFs got into a 69 and ate each other like it was lunch time then Denise slowly slid her toy into her girlfriends pussy while she sucked her nipples. Her girlfriend came so hard she nearly passed out. All of the satisfied members at Karup’s Private Collection got to see the full video and you can too. They have tons of movies and pictures of hot babes hooking up with each other and getting fucked by guys.

Jessy is sexy, horny and craving some hard dick.

August 27th, 2014

Jessy is sexy, horny and craving some hard dick.

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Jessy may look like an innocent, sweet angel but behind that cute face and innocent eyes is one horny devil. She let her dress fall to the floor and walked around the house in just her bra, panties and high heels then she took off the bra to show off her amazing, perfect little tits. The panties hit the ground as her pussy got wet. She needed to cum so she laid down, spread her legs and started teasing her now sopping wet, fully shaved clam. Her fingers touched her clit and made her shake with pleasure then she slid a couple of fingers inside herself and came so hard she nearly fell off the couch. Karup’s Private Collection is updated regularly with hotties like Jessy who love to be watched as they strip and play with themselves.

Amanda and her girlfriend share a dildo.

August 26th, 2014

Amanda and her girlfriend share a dildo

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Amanda was out shopping with her hot girlfriend Amy where the two bought some sexy little sleepwear. They got home and tried them on. Seeing each other in those sexy little outfits made them both horny so they started kissing and touching and slowly eased each other out of their panties and tops. Amy was licking Amanda’s pussy when she leaned over and got her favorite toy out of the draw. She laid back on the bed and had Amy slide that toy in her pussy while she licked it. It felt so good she came almost instantly then she pulled it out, pushed Amy down on the bed and fucked her good with it. The girls licked the toy clean then collapsed exhausted on the bed. If you are into lesbian action like this you need to join the satisfied member’s at Karup’s Private Collection. This site is wall to wall hot girls licking pussy and getting fucked hard.

Brande gets banged while the cameras roll.

August 25th, 2014

Brande gets banged while the cameras roll.

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Brande loves being watched while she gets fucked. Her girlfriend and she were out at a club and met a guy. Brande wanted to bang him so they took him home and Brande’s friend picked up the camera and filmed as Brande got naked and sucked this guy’s cock. Once she had him rock hard she pushed him back on the bed and impaled herself on his rock hard love stick. She rode him until she came her brains out then she rolled over onto her side and let him pump on her sweet pussy until he was ready to pop. Her girlfriend got a nice close-up as this guy unloaded a batch of baby batter right into Brande’s ready mouth. The girls kicked the guy out, watched the movie then sent a copy over to Karup’s Private Collection so they could include it in one of their regular updates. Now the world will get to see her getting wild.

Elise seduces her sexy and horny girlfriend.

August 24th, 2014

Elise seduces her sexy and horny girlfriend.

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Elise is the kind of girl that is open minded about a lot of things. She likes having fun and enjoys doing some crazy stuff. She was out shopping with her hot friend Mary and when they got home she was so horny she made her move. She kissed Mary then lifted up her shirt and started licking on her nipples. Mary didn’t push her away. She was just as horny and was totally into girls so she was ready to go. The girls tore each others clothes off then Mary laid back and let Elise lick her tight, pierced pussy. The tongues felt good but these naughty girls wanted something more hardcore so they got out Elise’s favorite toy and went to work pounding each other’s pussies until they came so hard together they nearly passed out. Karup’s Private Collection is packed wall to wall with the kind of high quality pussy pounding, clit licking lesbian action that will have you reaching for a towel.

Terry finally gets fucked by the guy next door.

August 23rd, 2014

Terry is a bit shy

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Terry had always liked the guy that lived in the apartment next door to her. One day she was out getting the mail in a skimpy little skirt and top and ran into him. She invited him in for a cool glass of water, but instead, once they were inside, she pulled the door closed, pushed him down on the couch and kissed him. He didn’t skip a beat, he started pulling her clothes off and rubbing her tight body. She swallowed his hard dick and sucked him until he was harder than Chinese algebra then she laid back and let him lick her sweet pink pussy. She was so wet she couldn’t hold out any longer so she told him to fuck her. He slid that hard rod into her and had her cumming almost instantly. She begged for more so he flipped her over on all fours and pounded that pussy from behind. She wanted to taste her pussy and his cum so as he got ready to blow he pulled out and shoved it in her mouth. Karup’s Private Collection has all the explicit shots of him busting a sticky nut all over Terry’s pretty face. With high quality content and millions of satisfied member’s Karup’s is known for having the best porn your eyes have ever seen.

Cleo is lonely and horny and needs some action.

August 22nd, 2014

Cleo before she gets fucked

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Cleo is a sexy, exotic babe that has never been shy about her body. She works out hard and figures if you work hard at it you might as well show it off. She got home from a long day at the office and decided to do something a little daring so she set up her camera and did a slow, sexy striptease out of her clothes. First the top came off then she lifted her skirt to show that this naughty girl doesn’t wear panties even when she wears a very short skirt. Her pussy is bald and smooth and so tight you can barely fit a finger in it. She laid down on her bed and started playing with that now wet pussy. She spread her lips, rubbed her clit and knew she was going to have to get out her toy and play. She uploaded all of the dirty pictures and video clips to Karup’s Private Collection. She knew that the satisfied members there would be very happy to see her showing it all off for them. Check her out and see just how naughty this girl can get.

Angelia is home alone.

August 21st, 2014

Angelia in a movie from KarupsPC

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Angelia is a horny MILF whose husband works hard all day, leaving her home alone with nothing to do. He gives her money, a nice house and hot clothes, but he doesn’t fuck her the way that she needs to be fucked. She craves cock all the time so finally she decided to take matters into her own hands. She called up a guy and had him come over to fix a few things around the house. When he got there she attacked him the like the cougar she is. She pulled his cock out and sucked it then ripped her own clothes off, threw him on the couch and impaled herself on his massive hard dick. She rode him until she came and was begged him to fuck her harder. Karup’s Private Collection is overflowing with steamy hardcore action like this. With regular updates and very high quality pictures and movies you will never run out of horny MILFs fucking while their husband’s are working.

A busty teen’s first nude pictures.

August 20th, 2014

This cute 18 year old babe had lived a pretty sheltered life so one day she decided to do something a little wild. She set up her camera then put it on auto shoot then started to pose. As she got comfortable she pulled her top down and exposed her amazing, huge all natural rack. Posing for topless pictures really turned her on so she kicked it up to the next level and peeled off her short little skirt and cotton panties. Once she was fully nude she got on all fours and spread herself wide open then she lay back on the couch and showed off her tight, shaved pussy. She showed the pictures to her boyfriend who liked them so much he sent copies of them over to Karup’s Private Collection. They added them to the site during one of their regular updates and now everyone gets to see her first time naked on camera.

Angel uses her fingers when she can’t get dick.

August 19th, 2014

After a long, frustrating night out with a guy who did nothing more than give her a peck on the cheek Angel couldn’t wait to get home and strip off her dress. She was so horny she didn’t even wait until she was fully nude. Instead she collapsed on the bed, pulled her panties to the side and buried two fingers in her dripping wet love box. She pounded that pussy hard and fast, making herself cum twice before she rolled over on her back, spread her legs wide open and rubbed her clit until she came once more. Finally satisfied she got fully naked, crawled under the covers and went to sleep. Women desperate for cock flock to Karup’s Private Collection where all the satisfied members get to enjoy these horny girls using their hands, fingers, toys or whatever it takes to get themselves off.