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December 22nd, 2017

Amanda is a sweet college girl with a perfect body that was made for fucking. She loved the feel of this guy’s mouth on her nipples as he licked and sucked them then he laid her back on her bed and slowly licked her pussy and clit. Once he had her dripping wet he lifted her up and stabbed her pussy with his meat knife. She rode that cock, her perky tits bouncing like she was on a trampoline and she came so hard she nearly shook herself right off the bed. Her pussy felt so good he had to cum so he pulled out and fed her a hot protein rich shake of man gravy. Karup’s Private Collection is all about horny girls like Amanda getting their tight pussies licked and fucked so good they lose their minds.

Lucy is just too hot to keep her clothes on.

November 21st, 2017

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Lucy has a body that could stop traffic and she loves to show it off. She set up her video camera and recorded herself as she slowly stripped out of a sexy new outfit she had just bought. She peeled off the tight top then slowly eased out of the cute little shorts to show off her smooth shaved pussy. She turned around and showed her ass that is so tight and perfect you could bounce a quarter off of it. She then spun around and spread her legs wide open so she could finger her nice little love taco and get herself off. Once she made herself cum she copied the video onto her computer and sent it into Karup’s Private Collection. She knew they would include it in one of their regular updates and the idea of tons of strangers seeing her naked and playing wit herself got her dripping wet.

Sarah goes for a ride on the hard dick express.

November 14th, 2017

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Hot coed Sarah hooked up with this guy and brought him back to her apartment. She was making out with him when he stuck his hand down the front of her shorts. It turned her on so much she was instantly wet so she reached over, pulled his cock out of his pants and started to suck him. Once she had him harder than her advanced Calc class she got on top and impaled herself on his hard meat stick and rode it like her life depended on it. She bounced and ground her pussy into him until she was shaking and convulsing with pleasure as she came all over his tool. Her shaved pussy wanted more so she flipped around, planted her feet and started ramming herself into it even harder working up a sweat and making herself cum again, this time more intensely than the first. Karup’s Private Collection is packed full of cock addicted babes like Sarah that love to get their brains fucked out. With wild movies and pictures and regular updates you will always have something fresh to check out.

Amanda and her girlfriend share a dildo.

November 6th, 2017

Amanda and her girlfriend share a dildo

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Amanda was out shopping with her hot girlfriend Amy where the two bought some sexy little sleepwear. They got home and tried them on. Seeing each other in those sexy little outfits made them both horny so they started kissing and touching and slowly eased each other out of their panties and tops. Amy was licking Amanda’s pussy when she leaned over and got her favorite toy out of the draw. She laid back on the bed and had Amy slide that toy in her pussy while she licked it. It felt so good she came almost instantly then she pulled it out, pushed Amy down on the bed and fucked her good with it. The girls licked the toy clean then collapsed exhausted on the bed. If you are into lesbian action like this you need to join the satisfied member’s at Karup’s Private Collection. This site is wall to wall hot girls licking pussy and getting fucked hard.

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November 3rd, 2017

Terry is a bit shy

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Terry had always liked the guy that lived in the apartment next door to her. One day she was out getting the mail in a skimpy little skirt and top and ran into him. She invited him in for a cool glass of water, but instead, once they were inside, she pulled the door closed, pushed him down on the couch and kissed him. He didn’t skip a beat, he started pulling her clothes off and rubbing her tight body. She swallowed his hard dick and sucked him until he was harder than Chinese algebra then she laid back and let him lick her sweet pink pussy. She was so wet she couldn’t hold out any longer so she told him to fuck her. He slid that hard rod into her and had her cumming almost instantly. She begged for more so he flipped her over on all fours and pounded that pussy from behind. She wanted to taste her pussy and his cum so as he got ready to blow he pulled out and shoved it in her mouth. Karup’s Private Collection has all the explicit shots of him busting a sticky nut all over Terry’s pretty face. With high quality content and millions of satisfied member’s Karup’s is known for having the best porn your eyes have ever seen.

Tight Tina takes a hot shower.

October 10th, 2017

Smoking hot Tina set her camera up in her bathroom and recorded herself as she slipped out of her jeans and t-shirt and posed in her bra and panties. But you don’t shower in your underwear so she quickly got rid of those and let the camera take in her amazing, tan and tight body. She bent over and showed off her sweet ass then jumped in the shower and let the water hit her body. As the hot water ran down her body she ran her hands all over herself and got her nipples rock hard. She was wet all over and needed some fun so she adjusted the shower head so it hit just the right spot and let it work its magic. Lucky for all the satisfied members of Karup’s Private Collection when Tina was done with her hot show she sent the video into the site and they immediately added it.