Candy and Niki explore each other’s pussies.

February 22nd, 2018

Candy and Niki had been friends for a while. They had always been curious about each other so one afternoon they decided to take things a little further. They started off just kissing and touching each other, but it wasn’t long before they were tearing each other’s clothes off and going at it hard. Niki slid a finger into Candy’s tight pussy. Candy responded with a moan as Niki finger fucked her until her entire body was shaking with orgasm. After she came Candy returned the favor and used her tongue and fingers all over Niki’s wet clam to get her off. The girls had both came, were both soaking wet and were just getting started. The satisfied members of Karup’s Private Collection get full access to all the hotties like these two and get to enjoy all of their wild times. Check them out to join the fun and see why everyone keep coming back for more.

Linda finally gets the thick cock she has been craving.

February 17th, 2018

It has been months since Linda got laid and she has been craving cock. She dreams about it and nearly grabs every guy she sees dick. When this guy asked her out she went to dinner with him and then took him home. She wasted no time going after what she wanted. As soon as they were in the bedroom she swallowed his thick prick down her throat and nearly gagged herself. Once she had him rock hard she got on all fours and let him bust that pussy wide open. He slammed that slice like he owned it and made her cum all over his thick cock. She loved it so much she begged him not to stop as he continued to pound her into the bed. The girls at Karup’s Private Collection are always horny and always on the prowl for some dick. Give them a look and find out for yourself why all of their satisfied members walk around with a constant smile on their face.

Candy and Niki break in the new bed.

February 15th, 2018

Candy bought a new bed. That night when her roommate Niki came home they were bouncing around on it and having some fun. Niki leaned over and kissed Candy and it got Candy so hot she told Niki to fuck her right here on the new bed. Niki laid her back and licked that clit until Candy’s pussy was soaking wet then Niki got her dildo and drilled it deep into Candy’s love hole. It hit the g-spot and Candy came so hard she nearly had to be pulled of the ceiling. She then grabbed her toy and pushed Niki down. It was time for Niki to cum on the new bed. Karup’s Private Collection is packed full of horny hotties like these two doing all kinds of naughty stuff. Check them out and see why the satisfied members keep coming back for more.

Cindy gets her mouth and pussy fucked.

February 14th, 2018

Cindy is the kind of girl that enjoys kissing and touching and foreplay, but what she really wants is to fuck. After some making out with this guy she swallowed his cock down her throat and sucked him until he was rock hard. She crawled up on top of him and bounced on that cock, grinding her hips and working his dick until he hit the sweet spot and made her cum. Once she got hers he wanted to bust a nut so he rolled her over on her side and slammed that tight shave pussy until he couldn’t hold out any longer so he pulled out and decorated her pretty face with spunk. There is wall to wall hardcore action in Karup’s Private Collection and with tons of regular updates they keep the action fresh and rolling so you always have some hot new stuff to check out.

Ellen gets her pipes cleaned by the plumber.

February 11th, 2018

Ellen was having some issues with her kitchen sink not draining so she called up a plumber and had him come over and take care of it. Watching him snake the drain got her all worked up so when he was done working she reached down and pulled his trouser snake out and started to suck it. He pushed her down in a chair and licked her nipples while he rubbed her pussy and got her out of her panties then he put her on her knees and dropped his meat lance down her throat. She loved how it nearly gagged her as she sucked it. She got him rock hard and stroked him then let him fire a load of drain cleaning sperm right down her throat. When he finally left her drain was working an her pipes were clean. That is full service! The girls of Karup’s Private Collection know how to get top notch service and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get just that. Check them out and see them get all the service they can handle.

Naomi likes to suck strangers dicks.

February 7th, 2018

One of the things that turns Naomi on the most is giving head to perfect strangers. Having a guy she doesn’t know cum in her mouth really gets her wet. She met this guy online and invited him over to her place. When he got there she took him to the chair and sat him down then pulled off her dress as she unzipped his pants and whipped out his cock. She then went to her knees and swallowed that hard cock down her throat. This girl loves sucking dick and she knows how to do it. She had him throbbing hard and moaning with pleasure in a matter of minutes. When he was ready to cum she had him stand up so she could deep throat him and take his hot load down her throat. She swallowed him whole and didn’t even know his name. The girls of Karup’s Private Collection are wild like Naomi and love knowing that all the satisfied members of the site are watching their naughty exploits.

Two babes play with a nice big toy.

February 4th, 2018

Alena and Linda had always liked each other, but they never did anything about it until one afternoon when they were hanging out and Alena got up the courage to lean over and kiss Linda. That was all the encouragement she needed. She kissed her back and the two were tearing each other’s clothes off while they kissed, sucked nipples and felt each other’s tight bodies. Linda laid Alena back and licked her sweet pussy then she got her toy out of the dresser, put Alena on all fours and drilled her pussy with that toy. She drove it home like a railroad spike making Alena cum almost instantly. After Alena came Linda pulled the toy out, licked it clean then told Alena to fuck her with it. Karup’s Private Collection is filled with horny girls experimenting with other girls. Check them out and see what all the satisfied members are already enjoying and you have been missing out on.

Crystal sucks and fucks in the spare room.

February 3rd, 2018

Crystal is a horny chick who hired this guy to do some work on her house. She was showing him the spare room she needed him to paint when he just pulled out his prick and showed it to her. She didn’t miss a beat, she just leaned over and started sucking. As she blew him she pulled her panties off then she pushed him down on the bed, climbed up and impaled herself on his cock. She rode that dick until she came then rolled over and let him really pump away on her dripping wet, sweet pussy. He slammed that slice until he couldn’t hold out any longer. He didn’t paint the walls, but he painted her face and tits with his hot load. Karup’s Private Collection brings you a ton of red hot hardcore action with regular updates to keep the action fresh and hardcore.

Linda gets taken by the gardener.

January 27th, 2018


Linda hired this guy to come weed out her flowerbeds and do some yard work around her house. Watching him work with his shirt off got her all hot and bothered so when he was done she invited him in and treated him to nice thank you blowjob. She sucked him hard then pushed him down on the couch and impaled herself on his long dick. She rode his garden tool until she came then let him put her on all fours so he could hit it from behind. She came again as he drilled her snatch doggy style then like a good girl should she swallowed his hot load. You can bet he will be making her house a regular stop when he is out mowing lawns. Karup’s Private Collection is packed full of hot women getting their pussies rocked by horny guys. With all kinds of regular updates you will always have some fresh hardcore action to check out.

Denise loves a big cock deep inside her.

January 15th, 2018

Denise is the kid of girl that has sex on the brain all day every day. Her pussy is always craving a dick and every guy she sees she wonders what it would be like to fuck him. She met this guy while grocery shopping and took him home. Once they were in her house she pulled out his prick and started to suck him then she leaned back, spread her legs and let him lick her sweet pussy. He got her wet and slid his prick deep inside her. He hit her g-spot and made her cum almost instantly. It felt so good she rolled over on top of him and rode him like her life depended on it until she came again. When he was ready to cum he stood over her and blasted his hot load all over her amazing tits and face. She had gone to the store for milk and eggs and ended up with milk, eggs and a sticky facial. Karup’s Private Collection is filled with hot, horny chicks like Denise that get their brains fucked out and love every second of it.