Candy and Niki explore each other’s pussies.

February 22nd, 2018

Candy and Niki had been friends for a while. They had always been curious about each other so one afternoon they decided to take things a little further. They started off just kissing and touching each other, but it wasn’t long before they were tearing each other’s clothes off and going at it hard. Niki slid a finger into Candy’s tight pussy. Candy responded with a moan as Niki finger fucked her until her entire body was shaking with orgasm. After she came Candy returned the favor and used her tongue and fingers all over Niki’s wet clam to get her off. The girls had both came, were both soaking wet and were just getting started. The satisfied members of Karup’s Private Collection get full access to all the hotties like these two and get to enjoy all of their wild times. Check them out to join the fun and see why everyone keep coming back for more.

Candy and Niki break in the new bed.

February 15th, 2018

Candy bought a new bed. That night when her roommate Niki came home they were bouncing around on it and having some fun. Niki leaned over and kissed Candy and it got Candy so hot she told Niki to fuck her right here on the new bed. Niki laid her back and licked that clit until Candy’s pussy was soaking wet then Niki got her dildo and drilled it deep into Candy’s love hole. It hit the g-spot and Candy came so hard she nearly had to be pulled of the ceiling. She then grabbed her toy and pushed Niki down. It was time for Niki to cum on the new bed. Karup’s Private Collection is packed full of horny hotties like these two doing all kinds of naughty stuff. Check them out and see why the satisfied members keep coming back for more.

Ellen gets her pipes cleaned by the plumber.

February 11th, 2018

Ellen was having some issues with her kitchen sink not draining so she called up a plumber and had him come over and take care of it. Watching him snake the drain got her all worked up so when he was done working she reached down and pulled his trouser snake out and started to suck it. He pushed her down in a chair and licked her nipples while he rubbed her pussy and got her out of her panties then he put her on her knees and dropped his meat lance down her throat. She loved how it nearly gagged her as she sucked it. She got him rock hard and stroked him then let him fire a load of drain cleaning sperm right down her throat. When he finally left her drain was working an her pipes were clean. That is full service! The girls of Karup’s Private Collection know how to get top notch service and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get just that. Check them out and see them get all the service they can handle.

Two babes play with a nice big toy.

February 4th, 2018

Alena and Linda had always liked each other, but they never did anything about it until one afternoon when they were hanging out and Alena got up the courage to lean over and kiss Linda. That was all the encouragement she needed. She kissed her back and the two were tearing each other’s clothes off while they kissed, sucked nipples and felt each other’s tight bodies. Linda laid Alena back and licked her sweet pussy then she got her toy out of the dresser, put Alena on all fours and drilled her pussy with that toy. She drove it home like a railroad spike making Alena cum almost instantly. After Alena came Linda pulled the toy out, licked it clean then told Alena to fuck her with it. Karup’s Private Collection is filled with horny girls experimenting with other girls. Check them out and see what all the satisfied members are already enjoying and you have been missing out on.

Two filthy girls hook it up.

December 26th, 2017

Alyssia loves pussy. She likes guys too, but she is more into girls and she loves girls with nice big tits like Beth has. After a night at the movies these two got back to Alyssia’s place and she wasted no time pulling out Beth’s big tits and sucking on them. As they kissed and licked on each other they pulled their clothes off then Alyssia spread Beth’s pierced pussy wide open and slid her tongue in. It felt so good Beth nearly hit the roof and was cumming in a matter of minutes. Alyssia licked that clit like a cat licking milk then she got out a toy and slid it deep inside Beth’s now dripping wet love box. She fucked her stupid then got on all fours and told Beth to fuck her with that toy and not hold back. Beth nearly drove her through the wall and loved every second of it. The satisfied members of Karup’s Private Collection get access to wall shaking pussy licking action like this every day. With all kinds of regular updates they are assured to have plenty of hot new beaver to check out. Give it a look and see what they are enjoying.

Anastasia seduces her hot classmate.

December 25th, 2017

Red hot Anastasia is a college junior who was mentoring a smoking hot freshman during her first year at school. One afternoon after class the new girl asked for some help on a project so they went back to Anastasia’s dorm to study. Once there Anastasia leaned over and kissed her. The hottie kissed back and the girls started rubbing on each other and tearing each other’s clothes off with hunger. They got naked and Anastasia slid her tongue into the hottie’s shaved pussy then she took her favorite toy and poked it into that dripping wet, super tight pussy. She fucked the hottie until she came then laid back on the floor and taught the freshman all about licking pussy. Karup’s Private Collection has plenty of regular updates with hot girls hooking up and getting crazy. It is dirty in all the right ways.

They can’t get dick so pussy will work just fine.

December 20th, 2017

Carmen went to lunch with a guy who blew her off to go back to work so she came home and called up a girlfriend she sometimes hooks up with. The other hottie, Jade, showed up and didn’t waste any time getting naked. Jade knew why she was there so the girls stripped and kissed and got into a 69 right there on Carmen’s back porch. They licked each other’s beavers and fingered each other’s clits then as Carmen came she ground her pussy into Jade’s face and came all over it. It wasn’t a dick but it was the next best thing. Karup’s Private Collection brings all of its members hot dick starved babes like these two hooking up and getting dirty with each other.

Kami and her girlfriend play with their toys.

December 19th, 2017

The sexy Kami has a hot girlfriend named Amy. One afternoon the girls were sitting around trying to decide what to do. Kami said she had an idea and went to her bedroom. She brought back a long vibrator, showed it to Amy and started kissing her. She was pleasantly surprised when Amy kissed back. The girls kissed and ravenously tore each other’s clothes off then Kami used her finger and tongue to get Amy nice and wet before she slid that big tool deep inside her tight love pocket. She drilled her pussy out, slow at first then building up speed and slamming her until she came. Once Amy came, Tami licked the toy clean and told Amy it was her turn to use it on Kami. Girls like these two horny pussy hounds flock to Karup’s Private Collection. With tons of regular updates you are sure to be knee deep in wet pussy for months to come.

Two babes share their favorite toys.

December 13th, 2017

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Amanda was out with her girlfriend for lunch and started telling her about this amazing new vibrator she had gotten. When they got back to Amandas house all the talk of sex toys had the girls so ready to fuck that they started kissing and tearing each others clothes off as soon as the door was closed. They kissed and licked each other then went to the bedroom where they got out the toys and got down to some serious business. Amanda laid her girlfriend back and pressed the vibrator on her clit while licking on her nipples then she slid it inside her. The feeling of that toy going deep inside her tight love box sent her girlfriend over the edge. She clamped down on the tour as she came her brains out then she reached over and slid a finger into Amandas pussy. Now it was Amandas turn to ride the toy. The regular updates at Karups Private Collection are packed with horny, hot girls like Amanda bringing home guys and girls to get wild with.

Anastasia seduces her hot girlfriend.

December 5th, 2017

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Anastasia has always thought one of her friends was hot so she decided to make a move and invited her over to watch a movie. About halfway through the movie she leaned over, pulled her girlfriends top down and started licking her nipple. She was very happy when her girlfriend grabbed her head and pulled her into her tits. Their clothes flew off their bodies as the girls kissed and fell onto the couch. Anastasia slid down and pressed her tongue on her girlfriend’s clit and started licking. She was cumming within seconds and begging for more so Anastasia flat out tongue fucked her and sent her over the edge.
After she came again it was Anastasia’s turn. She laid back and spread her legs wide open. As her friend went down she realized that her girlfriend really knew how to lick some pussy. The regular updates at Karup’s Private Collection keep you busy with tons of hot girls hooking up and chowing down each other’s wet pussies.