Two babes share their favorite toys.

December 13th, 2017

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Amanda was out with her girlfriend for lunch and started telling her about this amazing new vibrator she had gotten. When they got back to Amandas house all the talk of sex toys had the girls so ready to fuck that they started kissing and tearing each others clothes off as soon as the door was closed. They kissed and licked each other then went to the bedroom where they got out the toys and got down to some serious business. Amanda laid her girlfriend back and pressed the vibrator on her clit while licking on her nipples then she slid it inside her. The feeling of that toy going deep inside her tight love box sent her girlfriend over the edge. She clamped down on the tour as she came her brains out then she reached over and slid a finger into Amandas pussy. Now it was Amandas turn to ride the toy. The regular updates at Karups Private Collection are packed with horny, hot girls like Amanda bringing home guys and girls to get wild with.

Anastasia seduces her hot girlfriend.

December 5th, 2017

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Anastasia has always thought one of her friends was hot so she decided to make a move and invited her over to watch a movie. About halfway through the movie she leaned over, pulled her girlfriends top down and started licking her nipple. She was very happy when her girlfriend grabbed her head and pulled her into her tits. Their clothes flew off their bodies as the girls kissed and fell onto the couch. Anastasia slid down and pressed her tongue on her girlfriend’s clit and started licking. She was cumming within seconds and begging for more so Anastasia flat out tongue fucked her and sent her over the edge.
After she came again it was Anastasia’s turn. She laid back and spread her legs wide open. As her friend went down she realized that her girlfriend really knew how to lick some pussy. The regular updates at Karup’s Private Collection keep you busy with tons of hot girls hooking up and chowing down each other’s wet pussies.

Two babes lick and toy each others pussies.

December 3rd, 2017

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Angelia was out at the club with one of her girlfriends drinking and dancing. When they got back to Angelia’s house both girls were tipsy and in the mood for some fun. They started fooling around and kissing then things got serious as they took each other’s clothes off and made their way to the bed. Angelia threw her down on the bed, spread her pussy open and tongue fucked her sweet slice. Her girlfriend came all over her face then Angelia got out her big dildo and told her girlfriend to fuck her with it. She got on top and rode that dick while her hottie of a friend licked her nipples and played with her clit. As she came she shook so hard she nearly fell off the bed. It felt amazing, but she wanted more. Karup’s Private Collection as all the action from when these two babes hooked up and all the satisfied members get full access to it.

A hottie gets her pierced pussy licked and fucked.

November 29th, 2017

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Alyssia loves to get her pussy played with. She loves it so much she even pierced her clit so she can cum just by walking down the street. She was working late with a hot babe of a co-worker and suggested they go back to her place to relax and finish up the work. They had a drink, did some work then Alyssia kissed her. The hot co-worker kissed back and they started sucking tongues and tearing each others clothes off. The co-worker laid Alyssia back and licked that pierced clit while she banged her with first one, then two fingers. Alyssia got out her toy and told the hottie to fuck her with it so she slid the toy into Alyssia’s pussy while licking her clit and sent Alyssia over the edge with a very intense orgasm. After she came, it was time to turn her attention to her co-worker. Karup’s Private Collection is packed full of depraved pussy hungry babes like Alyssia who stop at nothing to seduce the girls they like.

Hot girlfriends ride the pussy train to cum town.

November 23rd, 2017

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Amanda had her sexy girlfriend Amy over for some lunch. After the girls had a bite to eat they were talking and that is when Amanda leaned in and made her move. Amy had wanted to fuck Amanda for a long time so she just took off her clothes and let it happen. Amanda sucked on Amy’s nipples then slipped off her panties and started licking that tight shaved pussy. After Amy got off she pushed Amanda back on the couch, dove down and tongue fucked her until her clit was throbbing with pleasure and her pussy was dripping wet. She slid a finger in and Amanda came so hard she lost her mind. Karup’s Private Collection is a site that features a ton of regular updates with hot chicks getting down with each other and guys. It’s hot and very hardcore.

Two hot girls get crazy in the bathtub.

November 20th, 2017

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Paulina and had her hot girlfriend over for the night to watch some movies and hang out. Her girlfriend had a few too many to drink so she decided to spend the night. The girls both wanted to take a bath before bed so they decided to share the tub to save time. Once they were nude in the tub they started washing each other and it wasn’t long before Paulina had her girlfriend on the edge of the tub and was licking her sweet pussy. She tongued her clit then brought out the vibrator and fucked her slowly with it until she came. After her girlfriend came it was Paulina’s turn to get some hot tongue deep in her pussy. Karup’s Private Collection is updated regularly with hot girl on girl action like this. The girls are so hot they will make you explode all over so bring a towel.

Gwen seduces her horny, sexy roommate.

November 15th, 2017

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Gwen is a blond haired babe that loves guys, but sometimes she is just in the mood for some pussy. She came home one day and caught her roommate naked. Instead of giving her privacy Gwen walked over and started sucking on her nipples. She led her to the bed, laid her down and dove into that pussy like she was starving to death. Once her roommate had came it was her turn. Gwen laid back on the bed and let her hot roommate slide her fingers inside her dripping wet pussy. She finger fucked her until Gwen came so hard she nearly lost her mind then she pressed on her clit, slid her fingers in deep again and made Gwen come again. The satisfied members of Karup’s Private Collection have full access to regular updates that include a ton of hot girls getting into some wild and wet lesbian action.

Carmen uses her toy on her hot girlfriend

November 11th, 2017

Carmen is into guys and girls and loves hooking up and getting some pussy from time to time.

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Carmen is into guys and girls and loves hooking up and getting some pussy from time to time. She had her hot girlfriend over to her place and as the two were talking Carmen pulled the other girl’s top down and started rubbing her tits with her feet. She licked her nipples while she pulled off her panties and started rubbing her pussy. She moved down south and started licking and fingering her pussy. Carmen pulled out her toy and slid it into that hotties now sopping wet pussy. She started slow then built up speed as she fucked her harder and faster and sent her over the top and had her begging for more and more. Karup’s Private Collection has a lot of babes likes this hooking up with other babes for some very hot girl on girl action. Give them a look and enjoy some amazing action.

Two Horny MILFs hook up after shopping.

November 8th, 2017

Two Horny MILFs hook up after shopping.

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Denise and her girlfriend were out shopping at the mall for several hours. They got home and tried on some of their new clothes. Denise saw her girlfriend nearly nude as she changed and wanted to taste her pussy so she walked over and started kissing her. Her girlfriend was just as horny so she kissed back and the girls got down to business. It wasn’t long before they were both fully nude and licking each others tits. Denise got out her favorite toy. The two horny MILFs got into a 69 and ate each other like it was lunch time then Denise slowly slid her toy into her girlfriends pussy while she sucked her nipples. Her girlfriend came so hard she nearly passed out. All of the satisfied members at Karup’s Private Collection got to see the full video and you can too. They have tons of movies and pictures of hot babes hooking up with each other and getting fucked by guys.

Kissing turns to pussy licking for these two babes.

October 25th, 2017

Candy and Niki had always been totally into each other. One night they went out and came home late so Niki stayed the night at Candy’s house. Candy was so horny she couldn’t keep her hands off of Niki’s body. They rubbed on each other and started kissing then Candy took Niki’s clothes off and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. After sucking each other’s tits and rubbing on each other the panties came off and the girls attacked those clits like a couple of rabid animals. After both girls came they collapsed on the bed to catch their breath and get ready for round two. Karup’s Private Collection is full of hot girls hooking up with other girls and loving the taste of that pussy. There is so much pussy licking going on that they have to update the site all the time just to keep up with all that is going on.