Lana gets naked before yoga class.

January 8th, 2018

Lana was early to her yoga class so she decided to turn on some music and dance around the studio a little. As she danced she got turned on and started lifting up her skirt to show her pretty pink panties. She pulled off her shirt as she danced on a chair then dropped the skirt and her panties to the floor. She strutted around the room, dancing and posing on the chair, her perfect, tight naked body moving to the beat of the music. She sat down in the chair and spread her legs. Her pussy was started to get wet as she danced and she was going to finger herself for a quick pre-class orgasm when she turned and saw half the class standing there watching her little show. They clapped and she took a bow. One of them was lucky enough to have a camera with him so he was able to get some hot pictures of her in action. With regular updates and a huge library or hot amateur and hardcore porn Karup’s Private Collection is the biggest, best and most respected porn collection out there.