Nadine gets herself off in the shower.

January 11th, 2018

Sexy blond Nadine loves to play with her pussy. Her favorite thing to do is to get into the shower, turn the adjustable showerhead on to the pulse setting and let the warm pulsating water hit her body. The water on her tight body felt so good it didn’t take long until she was running her hands all over her body and feeling her nipples. She slid a hand down between her legs and started rubbing her pussy then she put her back to the wall, lifted a leg up and let the water hit her right on her now soaking wet love box. She started moaning and rubbing her tits then as the water hit her clit it sent her over the edge and she came so hard she nearly collapsed right there in the shower. Karup’s Private Collection is packed wall to wall with sexy babes like Nadine using all kinds of different ways to get themselves off.