Waking her man up with a blowjob is a nice thing to do.

January 9th, 2018

This naughty girl knows how to keep a man happy. She came into the room and saw the guy she liked laying on the couch asleep and she decided to wake him up with a nice treat. She pulled her top off and leaned over him, putting her nipple right in his mouth. He woke up and started sucking on it right away. He sat up, pulled her shorts and panties off and she leaned in to suck his cock. Once she had him standing at full attention she crawled up on him and slid down the meat pole. She took him deep in her pussy, grinding down on him and using her muscles to clamp around his cock as she moved her hips. He rolled her over on her side, lifted up her leg and started to pound her tender slice. He hammered that hole deep and fast, fucking her into next week then as he was ready to pop he jumped up and she swallowed every last drop of his hot man chowder. Now that is how you wake up from a nap! With tons of regular updates Karup’s Private Collection always has fresh, hot hardcore action for you check out and enjoy.