A hottie gets naked while doing the laundry.

January 12th, 2018

Darla was in her apartment cleaning up and doing some laundry. She threw in a load of clothes to wash and decided that she should just get everything clean all at once so she stood up and pulled her shirt off. She the stripped off her skirt and tossed them both in the wash machine. She saw she had a little more room left so she unsnapped her bra and peeled her tight thong off and tossed them in as well. The cold air in the apartment felt good against her warm body and made her nipples hard. She decided that since she had some time to kill and nothing to wear she might as well have some fun so she sat down in a chair, spread her legs open and started rubbing her clit. It felt so good she had to do more so she slid a finger inside and hit her g-spot making herself cum. The wash cycle still had 10 minutes left – plenty of time for another orgasm. Karup’s Private Collection provides its satisfied members with a virtual truckload of hot babes fingering, sucking and fucking and they keep it fresh with plenty of regular updates. See for yourself why they are consistently ranked the best site online.