Oxana loves to get naked.

February 8th, 2018

Oxana is an exchange student. When she first got to college she almost got arrested because on a hot summer day she went out to the commons area to lay out and soak up some sun. She stripped fully nude and looked so good she nearly caused a riot. She loves getting naked and isn’t shy at all. Now, after her run in with the law, she has taken it indoors and is putting it to good use. She is taking a photography class so for some of her projects she sets her camera up on a tripod and snaps pictures of herself as she does a sexy striptease. She starts off fully clothed, but the clothes don’t stay on long. She gets naked, poses then develops the shots and shows them to the class. Nobody has complained yet. Karup’s Private Collection got their hands on some of her shots and included them in one of their regular updates now we all get to see Oxana studying hard.