Ellen gets her pipes cleaned by the plumber.

February 11th, 2018

Ellen was having some issues with her kitchen sink not draining so she called up a plumber and had him come over and take care of it. Watching him snake the drain got her all worked up so when he was done working she reached down and pulled his trouser snake out and started to suck it. He pushed her down in a chair and licked her nipples while he rubbed her pussy and got her out of her panties then he put her on her knees and dropped his meat lance down her throat. She loved how it nearly gagged her as she sucked it. She got him rock hard and stroked him then let him fire a load of drain cleaning sperm right down her throat. When he finally left her drain was working an her pipes were clean. That is full service! The girls of Karup’s Private Collection know how to get top notch service and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get just that. Check them out and see them get all the service they can handle.