Viki is one hot, horny maid that loves to play.

February 9th, 2018

Viki works as a maid service and this guy had hired her to come in once a week and clean his house. He always paid her well and gave her nice big tips so one day she decided to leave him a hot little surprise. She set his camera up and put it on auto. While it snapped pictures she stripped out of her clothes and showed off her super tight body. Her top hit the floor and the camera got some great shots of her amazing perky tits. She pulled off the skirt and panties then sat on the bed, spread eagle and exposed her very tight, fully shaved pussy. She posed to show off her sweet ass and even touched herself in a few of the pictures. Then she put the camera back and let him find them. When he came across the hot pics he was good enough to send a copy of them to Karup’s Private Collection. They included them in a regular update and now all the satisfied members get to see just how hot this horny maid is.