Linda strips out of her sexy lingerie.

February 12th, 2018

Linda is one hot piece of ass that has a full on addiction to lingerie. While at the mall she stopped in the Victoria’s Secret store and picked up a few new things. As soon as she got home her clothes were off and she tried on the sexy new lingerie. The tight thong and thigh high stockings felt so good they really got her turned on and made her pussy wet. She slowly started to strip out of them until she was down to just her panties and stockings. She kept the stockings on as she stripped off the panties and spread her pink pussy wide open. She used her finger on her clit and it only took a few seconds before she was cumming her brains out. The babes of Karup’s Private Collection know how to keep is sexy and go the extra mile doing all kinds of naughty things to keep smiles on the satisfied member’s faces.