Linda gets taken by the gardener.

May 10th, 2018

Linda hired this guy to come weed out her flowerbeds and do some yard work around her house. Watching him work with his shirt off got her all hot and bothered so when he was done she invited him in and treated him to nice thank you blowjob. She sucked him hard then pushed him down on the couch and impaled herself on his long dick. She rode his garden tool until she came then let him put her on all fours so he could hit it from behind. She came again as he drilled her snatch doggy style then like a good girl should she swallowed his hot load. You can bet he will be making her house a regular stop when he is out mowing lawns. Karup’s Private Collection is packed full of hot women getting their pussies rocked by horny guys. With all kinds of regular updates you will always have some fresh hardcore action to check out.